Planning a wedding can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. When it comes to your ceremony, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my simple guide to how it all works.

Let’s get started

First, it’s important to send me your dates, to make sure I’m available.  

We then speak (via whichever method you prefer) to establish a personal connection and an understanding of the style and type of ceremony you’re looking for.  We’ll also discuss your timeline for the lead-up to your big day.


Good to Go!

Once you’re ready to move forward:  we’ll catch up again to complete the required NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage), we chat through your wedding plans, I get to know a little about you both and make sure we have all the right information to create your perfect ceremony. This is also when you sign the fee agreement and pay the deposit. (This can be completed at our first or second meeting).

You will need to bring with you:

Australian Driver’s License and Birth certificate or just a Passport (if born in Australia) or a valid passport (if born overseas)     

If previously married, evidence of divorce/nullity/death

The deposit, if paying cash (direct debit or online payment preferred)

The balance of the fees is due 21 days before the wedding day.


The Magic Happens

This is when I start gathering all the right ingredients for writing your vows! 

You’re welcome to be as involved as you like in this process – you may like to write your own wedding vows or prefer that I write them for you. To make this even easier, I have created plenty of templates and ideas for you to work with.  We need to keep in mind, that there are just a few, brief legal components that you must include in this process. 

Together we review the ceremony until you are 100% happy with it all!


Practice Makes Perfect

Around a week before the wedding, we have a rehearsal, either in person, via Skype, or call to ensure everyone involved knows how the ceremony will run.


The Big Day

On your wedding day, I will arrive early to setup my PA equipment and ensure we are perfectly setup before guests arrive. I’ll have all the paperwork ready and in order – just don’t forget your two witnesses!


Documentation & Follow-up

After the ceremony I will submit all necessary paperwork to Births Deaths and Marriages to ensure your marriage is legal and finalised.

I’ll be checking in with you some time after the wedding to say hello, and to ask for some feedback about how your day was, and in particular, about my services.